The Intuitive Film-Lab

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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
Intuition could be called ‘knowing without knowing why’, ‘thinking with your heart’ or ‘gut feeling’.

— Albert Einstein

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The Intention

Cine-Jam is the first intuitive film lab in Lebanon and the Middle East. In 2012/2013, it was conducted three times in Beirut and once at the FAMU film school in Prague. Four batches in total that resulted in 27 short intense films, portraying genuine emotions with images and sounds that are unique and specific to each artist.

In 2021, after having kept the film-lab dormant for 9 years due to Lebanon's social, political, and economical situation and due to our dedication for Zyara which needed our full attention, came the Beirut August 4th blast and revived in us the necessity to relaunch the film-lab.

The Vision

Our mission is to encourage talented and passionate artists/filmmakers, to give them space and tools to unveil their own original cinematic language.

In the film lab, authenticity and intuition are the compass by which we ground ourselves and co-create with life what can only be manifested through each and everyone of us: our unique audio-visual expressions of our personal emotions and depiction of life.

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The Process

The Home of Cine-Jam Intuitive Film-Lab is a process that could guide you gently to face your mirror and allow you to channel from your gut, through your lens and into a screen, what could scare you the most, by using your most unique authentic creative self.

The Film-Lab is the safe ground for the hidden in us to come out and transform; which is mostly what we do not want to face, because of the emotional intensity it triggers in us. The fear of being vulnerable which paralyses us and what most artists call: Creative Blockage!

Ana Beirut The Series

2021 was the year of rebirth for our film lab and the birth year of Ana Beirut (I am Beirut) the series.

"Ana Beirut" is a series of experimental poetic portraits created by 9 Lebanese audiovisual artists exploring themselves and the city they live in: Beirut.

“Ana Beirut” is conceived and produced by Home of Cine-Jam within the intuitive film lab program conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss.

After over a year in the web festival circuit, Ana Beirut is ranking #14th in the top 66 best web series world wide and #1 most awarded documentary series from around the world, among 692 programs from 32 countries.

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ANA - The Series

“Ana" means I am, Ana is an experimental, poetic doc series of 9 episodes created by 9 Lebanese audiovisual artists exploring their emotions in regards to their self image and intuitively transforming them into a unique audiovisual expression.

“Ana” is a series conceived & produced by Home of Cine-Jam within the intuitive film lab program created & conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss. Each artist is invited to create an episode of the series.

The Distribution

  • We release the series online on the film lab social media pages and YouTube Channel.
  • We organize live screenings everywhere in Lebanon, in festivals and universities.
  • We submit the series to festivals around the world and expose the creators’ works internationally.

Filmlab Budget Summary

Budget for Producing 8 Episodes
Estimate includes
  • Basic equipment
  • Production consultancy
  • Postproduction
  • Office/gathering space
  • Logistic and catering expenses
  • Subtitling
  • Set photography and “Making of” video
Summary Estimate in U.S. Dollars
1 Shoot 15,480
2 Postproduction 7,100
  Total 22,580
  Contingency @ 5% 1,129
  Grand Total 23,709

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Declaration of Intent

Dreaming of a better world got me through the war, daydreaming got me through school with minimal damage, believing in my dreams got me through university penniless, visualizing my dreams got me to become a cinematographer when only men were allowed next to the camera.

The evolution of my dreams got me to create the intuitive film lab; and through it all, it was commitment, passion, discipline, and perseverance that carried me through.

I created this film lab in 2012 when it was still a raw filmmaking workshop that I called Cine-Jam. What pushed me to manifest it, was a question by a beautiful, talented artist and friend, "Tell us how your creative mind functions?

Here it is… my answer is in this Intuitive Film Lab.

It is the whole of who I am, from heart to mind, from spirituality to physicality, from the seen and the unseen parts of me. This Intuitive Film Lab is my gift to the audiovisual artists of the world who are willing to look within and discover with me the genius that lies within them… in their gut through their intuition, they can reveal their uniqueness through a composition of sound and images that only they can create… and I, in all this, I celebrate the “creation” by witnessing their art and the divine that awakens every time they allow life to co-create with them, through their emotions and talent, their personal cinematic depiction of being human.

Muriel Aboulrouss